I would like to respond to a couple of points in recent readers’ letters.

Trevor Scott (Ring road issue, September 17) rightly highlighted concerns about the poor provision for cyclists on the A1237 ring road bridge from the A19 to Manor School.

It is however NOT true to say that the council is ignoring the situation – the £3m Active Travel Fund schemes recently reported to my decision session included a proposed scheme for a segregated route here, which could be in place by September 2022.

Next, Bob Waite (Cyclists’ woes, September 27) mentioned contacting me several years ago seeking improvements to avoid the link between Butcher Terrace and Millennium Bridge getting flooded.

Again, I have not given up on this one and am assured that there is a council plan to address the situation as soon as the Clementhorpe flood defences are in place, as part of the process of restoring the area to playing fields.

Potholes and damaged cycle margins are a perennial challenge and concern for which the council has a repair programme, with priority to the busier roads and locations where cyclists are most vulnerable.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne,

Executive Member for Transport, City of York Council,

Broadway West, York