CLARK Kent is alive and well and leading the Labour Party.  
Sir Keir Starmer seems a decent enough chap, possibly short in the charisma department, but then Clement Attlee, of beloved memory, didn’t appear to teem with it either.
Nevertheless, it was there, cunningly camouflaged! 
Attlee on the surface seemed generally uninspiring but possessed many other fine qualities. Similarly, Starmer.
I’m less inclined to draw parallels between Churchill and Johnson!
The Labour Party Conference is usually entertaining theatre, good box office.This year’s been no exception. Ritual resignation, orchestrated adulation, vociferous left, and the customary sideshow of off-message fringe-meetings were all on the menu, with good contributions along the way.
Although Starmer’s keynote speech isn’t exactly ringing in my ears, it was fine. He gained a pass. Just don’t ask me too closely what he said in those 90 minutes.
My father was a Labour activist. Thus influenced, I’ve tended to be a Labour supporter - perhaps a better word would be sympathiser.
Labour’s poll ratings need a fillip. Will these few days at Brighton help Labour turn the corner and have a positive effect on electability? Hmm. Jury’s out. Time will tell.
At conference, Labour was referred to as ‘a broad church’. If that is the case, perhaps they should try praying.
Derek Reed,
Middlethorpe Drive

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