Your heart goes out to the York family of Sarah Everard who have had to listen, and endure with great dignity, the harrowing account of Sarah’s last hours.

The fact that her cold, calculating and devious murderer, Wayne Couzens, was a serving policeman using all his accessories of power to kidnap her, is sickening beyond belief.

He’s betrayed his uniform.

Should the modus operandi now prevent a single police officer - out of uniform and in an unmarked car - from arresting and handcuffing a woman alone?

This must never happen again.

The fact that Couzens has been sentenced to a whole-life sentence at the Old Bailey does not seem appropriate for his evil crime against Sarah, a loving daughter, a beautiful, talented and intelligent young woman.

Her photograph radiates serenity and happiness with her whole life stretching before her.

Sadly, Couzens, at 48, might live to 80. That’s thirty two years in jail, costing probably £200,000 a year of taxpayers money. What a waste. I would rather see that going into schools or hospitals.

There seems to be so many murders these days that it suggests there is no deterrent for taking a life with the criminal justice system.

Is it not time that we reintroduce the death penalty for heinous murders and terrorism?

Keith Massey, Bishopthorpe, York