The RSPCA in York have some lovely pets looking for their forever homes.

Below we have detailed 5 dogs that are looking to be adopted and what they need from their new home. Don’t forget to visit the RSPCA website to see what other animals need your love.

Zena, America Bulldog

York Press: Zena is looking for her forever family (RSPCA)Zena is looking for her forever family (RSPCA)

Five years old


Until she gets to know you she can be really quite shy and timid so patience and understanding are a must for this beautiful girl. Sadly, she suffers with hip dysplasia and spondylosis of her spine, meaning she’ll need to be on pain medication. She will need to be the only pet in the home.

Huncho, Staffy x American Bulldog

York Press: Huncho is waiting to be adopted (RSPCA)Huncho is waiting to be adopted (RSPCA)

1 year 3 months


Huncho likes to live life to the max and he tackles everything head on with enthusiasm, he loves learning new things and is very eager to learn, so he wants a life full of adventure and long walks.

His owners will need to match his high energy levels, and while he may be shy at first, once he gets to know you he is extremely friendly and affectionate.

Charlie, Staffy

York Press: Charlie is waiting to meet his new family (RSPCA)Charlie is waiting to meet his new family (RSPCA)

8.5 years


Charlie is missing being part of a loving family and is unfortunately struggling to adjust to being back in the kennels. He is very well behaved and misses snuggling up for cuddles.

Owners will need to carry out a weight management programme for Charlie to help with his joints.

He sadly suffers with grass allergies, which he is on medication for, and also a hypoallergenic diet, he suffers more in the summer months than the winter, but his medication keeps it under control. Charlie is also on pain relief for his joints as he has some arthritis.

Charlie will need an adult only and pet free home.

Frazier, Staffy

York Press: Frazier is ready for his forever home (RSPCA)Frazier is ready for his forever home (RSPCA)

11 years


Fraizer came to the centre via an inspector after being found in terrible condition, poor lad had an untreated flea allergy which had left him with very sore skin and he had actually lost half of his fur on his body.

Poor Frazier had been through it all, but after lots of TLC he is now ready to find his forever home. His most favourite thing is to get as much attention as he possibly can, true to staffy form he will sit and be fussed for as long as you have time for.

He can be with children over 10 and other dogs after meeting at the centre.

Cody, Staffy

York Press: Cody needs a loving family and home (RSPCA)Cody needs a loving family and home (RSPCA)

12.5 years


Cody is an absolute gentleman who just craves affection. He loves long walks and socialising with other dogs, although younger ones do tend to bother him a bit!

He doesn’t really like loud noise so owners should live somewhere quiet. He could share his home with a compatible dog after a successful introduction at the centre.

Visit the RSPCA website to find out more about these dogs or to see what other animals need your love.