A FAIRY house trail in York is set to host a Halloween-themed event next month - with pumpkin carving and spooky music.

The Foss Fairy Trail, set up by Tracy Ostle, will host the spooky fun on October 31.

Tracy said: "We're welcoming fancy dress - and the trail will be lit up by glow sticks."

There will be 30 slots for carving pumpkin lanterns. The carvers will then be led down the trail with music by the trail volunteers.

Tracy said that anyone wanting to bring their own pumpkin lanterns can place them down the trail themselves. But, only battery tealights should be used which visitors can get at the event for a donation - all of which will be given to The Island charity.

There will be cold pumpkin soup, as well as witch fruit cocktail and Halloween buns available for visitors.

The picnic area will be lit up and some new witch houses on display.

Anyone wishing to join should call Tracy on 07759937093.