The panic buying of fuel has continued today as petrol stations in many parts of the UK continue to run dry.

Long queues were again reported outside stations which were open, after the Government announced it was putting the Army on standby in an effort to ensure supplies were maintained.

The oil companies have said they expect the pressure on forecourts to ease in the coming days, with many cars carrying more fuel than usual.

But drivers have taken to filling jerry cans and, in some cases, water bottles, amid the ongoing fuel crisis which has seen queues at forecourts across the country.

Forecourts belonging to BP, Shell and Texaco have been forced to change rules on filling up amid panic buying across the UK.

Petrol stations belonging to the three companies have introduced a £30 limit for driver who need to fill up as people continue to panic buy despite warnings not to.

EG Group which runs around 400 petrol stations across the UK under the three companies has introduced a £30 limit to give customers a “fair chance to refuel”.

This is all you need to know about storing petrol amid the ongoing fuel crisis.

Does petrol and diesel expire?

The RAC say petrol has a shelf life of around six months, but that is only if it is stored correctly.

Petrol should be stored in a sealed container at 20 degrees.

At higher temperatures, petrol will degrade more quickly, for example, at 30 degrees petrol will last around three months.

It will also degrade at a faster rate if the container is not sealed correctly.

Diesel will generally last a little longer with an average shelf life of six to 12 months but will need to be stored correctly or it will degrade quicker.

How do I store petrol?

You are permitted to store up to 30 litres of petrol at home or at non-work premises without informing the local Petroleum Enforcement Authority (PEA).

Suitable storage containers include:

  • suitable portable metal or plastic containers
  • one demountable fuel tank
  • a combination of the above as long as no more than 30 litres is kept