A NEW documentary takes a look into the life of a York musician - who can often be seen entertaining tourists on the Minster square.

The new film, called ‘He Loved This Place’ and released on YouTube by Grumpy Goose Media, follows the life and career of David Ward Maclean - a “renowned” figure in York’s energetic music scene.

David can often be found performing his music to the thousands of tourists and passers-by around the area of the Minster - looking to spread some happiness and joy around the city. In the documentary, David speaks of how he believes music is “pure” and explains how it detaches and transports him from normal life.

A spokesperson for the group of University of York students who put the film together said: “David has been blessing us with his beautifully evocative and sensitive music for the past three decades.

“No matter the weather, nor the time, there is always a busker or band around every corner and in most pubs that brightens the sonisphere of all who lend an ear. David Ward Maclean is very much a part of this precious ecosystem.

“This documentary is a love letter penned to the city of York, but also a bittersweet goodbye as David enters semi-retirement due to health issues.”

In the film, David talks of how he lost almost all of his speech and motor skills after having a stroke in 2018.

With “humour, kindness and talent emanating from his every pore”, the filmmakers behind He Loved This Place said they immediately fell in love with this character.

Being University of York students and musicians, they said they felt “compelled” to make this film with the sole purpose of spreading David’s music outside of the city's walls.

To watch the documentary online, visit the YouTube page at: https://bit.ly/3CQKXzn