York's transport chief has urged the city's drivers to act responsibly and not panic buy petrol.

James Gilchrist, the city council's director of transport, environment and planning, said the only thing that would prevent enough fuel being available in York is buying more fuel than they would normally.

He said: “We are of course aware of the impact of the national lack of HGV drivers on a range of supplies and services.

“The government is clear that there is no shortage of fuel, and the supply issues are not affecting anywhere in York or North Yorkshire.

“The only thing that would undermine supply in York is panic buying – please don’t do it.”

Yesterday saw long queues at some petrol stations in the city, along with elsewhere in the country after BP announced it had had to close a few of its stations through lack of fuel.

By the evening, news emerged that the Government is looking at issuing temporary visas for European HGV drivers to work in the UK and fill some of the vacancies within the haulage industry.

Details are expected to be announced later.