WE can add the crisis in NHS dentistry to this year’s extensive and growing challenges.

The pandemic has exacerbated a situation that was already dire but we are needlessly making it worse. As of now, dentists with EU qualifications in orthodontics are not allowed to practice in the UK.

At a stroke, the Government and its glorious Brexit are making it harder for our nation to function.

The losers will, as ever, be the poor and those who are struggling. The rich don’t worry about the gaps on empty supermarket shelves or petrol/gas shortages because they can happily pay whatever premium is required to obtain everything they want. Similarly, the rich don’t use NHS dentists.

For our city’s vulnerable, the lack of NHS dentists is a timebomb that will impact their health now and in the future.

Calling for the Government to allow EU qualified dentists to help us tackle the NHS dental crisis in the UK seems as doomed as calling for EU lorry drivers and fruit pickers to be allowed work here.

Dogma and anti-foreigner nonsense are currently more important than health and food to this bunch. But change is coming.

Christian Vassie

Blake Court,