AN exceptional York teacher has finally received her just deserts at an award ceremony in London.

As previously reported in The Press, Jacqueline (Jack) Bream, a teacher at Huntington School won the Silver Award in The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School back in September last year.

Jack is one of just 76 silver award winners across the country and was given the accolade for her outstanding commitment to changing the lives of the children she works with.

She narrowly missed out on one of just 14 gold awards later in the year, but on Friday (September 23) she travelled to the capital to be presented with her silver honour.

Huntington's acting head, Matt Smith, said: "We are absolutely delighted that Jack’s achievements in the classroom are being recognised and celebrated at the Pearson National Teaching Awards ceremony.

"Jack is an exceptional teacher and human being. She creates an utterly safe learning environment which allows students to learn, and to want to learn.

"She has inspired countless colleagues to be better and has constantly been available as a source of support to other members of staff.

"She has taught a combination of history, English and media, all to A-level and her students have secured consistently excellent results under her teaching year after year; she serves as the example of excellent teaching at the school.

"Jack epitomises everything teachers should aspire to: integrity, tolerance, kindness, professionalism and an unrelenting belief in her pupils. She represents a core of teachers who deliver great lessons, day-in, day-out; week-in, week-out; year-in, year-out."

The Pearson National Teaching Awards is an annual celebration of exceptional teachers, founded in 1998 by Lord Puttnam to recognise the life-changing impact an inspirational teacher can have on the lives of the young people they work with. This year marks its 22nd year of celebrating, award-winning teachers, teaching assistants, head teachers and lecturers across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Michael Morpurgo, celebrated author and former Children’s Laureate, and President of the Teaching Awards Trust, said: “Over the past year, we have, all of us, come to appreciate and respect the value of teachers. They have so often been taken for granted. Not any more. Parents know now what it takes to teach, and teach well, and how much commitment, dedication and enthusiasm and knowledge and understanding, yes – and patience.

“Children know it too, if they didn’t before. So many missed their teachers as well as their friends. We all honour them today. Let’s now praise them, wish them well and above all, thank them.”