France recalling its ambassadors from the USA and Australia (interestingly, not the UK) is a worrying development. I imagine signals sent out will be welcomed by ‘the usual suspect’ nations.

Does this turn of events, and the Afghanistan debacle, adversely affect the NATO alliance, perhaps already a bit frayed around the edges?

Similar encouragement will have been derived by the same actors from the UK’s departure from the EU and the aftermath.

France does seem to have been dealt with somewhat shabbily over the submarines issue, although the Australian PM now says they’ve been exercised over certain design aspects of the French boats for some time. Cost overruns and delays, surely endemic to military projects, are also cited by Canberra.

Then there’s the Aukus defence pact between the USA, Australia and the UK.

France has ‘interests’ and territories in the South Pacific and, similar to Britain, historically had ‘possessions’ and colonies in SE Asia and Far East, but are excluded. Can it be a case of the three English-speaking nations circumventing the proud French?

A sort of ‘perfidious Anglophone’ situation. Aukus + submarine subterfuge = tailor-made to upset the French! How cordial is the entente now?

Derek Reed, Middlethorpe Drive, York