SPRINGWATCH TV stars Martin Hughes-Games and Iolo Williams are coming to North Yorkshire this autumn for a climate festival.

The wildlife presenters are to feature at Harrogate’s first Climate Action Festival, which takes place this October.

The Climate Action Festival (CAFe) takes place from October 1 to 21 with events across Harrogate.

The duo will present A Wildlife Road Trip at the Royal Hall on Sunday, October 17.

A Wildlife Road Trip will be part of the fringe events at Harrogate’s Climate Action Festival, which is being delivered by the Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition, an independent collaborative group of businesses, public sector organisations and voluntary groups, which promotes and supports greenhouse gas reduction activities throughout the Harrogate District. 

Martin Hughes-Games and Iolo Williams are best known as presenters on 'The Watches’ – Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch.

The pair have said they’re keen to see children attend their family-friendly show, with the hope it will spark interest in the natural world.

Martin Hughes-Games said: “Iolo and I are overjoyed when kids come to see our show, because we want to get them interested. David Attenborough’s always said if you get people interested, they’ll care more and that’s certainly true.”

CAFe joined forces with Cause UK, the Harrogate agency which specialises in ethical causes, which is hosting the wildlife talk.

Cause UK previously brought wildlife stars Chris Packham and Steve Backshall to the Royal Hall.

Clair Challenor-Chadwick, MD of Cause UK, said: “We have worked on many nature and wildlife projects over the years to help raise awareness of the importance, and the plight of, nature. Climate change is the biggest pressing issue of our time. The great outdoors is also vital for our own well-being. We hope bringing inspirational wildlife presenters to Harrogate can help engage and inspire.”

Since it launched in 2005, Springwatch is credited for changing our relationship with nature. Unlike wildlife documentaries focussed on exotic foreign climes and the majesty of lions, elephants and sharks, it focussed on UK species like blue tits, badgers and foxes.

Martin added: “What’s going on in the natural world is not good, but unless people are made aware of it – hopefully in our case in an enjoyable and entertaining way – then

nothing is going to change. We just want to spark interest, inspire people to be in wonder of the natural world around them, and we want to share some of our fascination that both Iolo and I have, in the hope that by getting people interested, they’ll continue to care.”

A Wildlife Road Trip promises a fun and fascinating journey, beginning with the presenters’ own childhoods where their love of nature began.

The journey continues with stories of the occurrences and life events that lead them to where they are today, including Martin’s experience as a producer and director and Iolo’s experience working with the RSPB catching egg thieves, and working with the army.

Nicola Bareham, from the Harrogate District Climate Change Coalition, said: “We are thrilled that Cause UK is hosting the Wildlife Road Trip and are offering a 50 per cent discount on tickets for everyone who is involved in, and supports our work; just type ‘council’ at the checkout.”

Cause UK represents a number of conservation organisations including Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Nosterfield Nature Reserve, and the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership.

Martin Hughes-Games and Iolo Williams present A Wildlife Road Trip on Sunday 17 October, 7pm, at the Royal Hall in Harrogate.

To book: www.harrogatetheatre.co.uk/whats-on/Wildlife-Roadtrip

Climate Action Festival highlights:

​Pure Haus Zero Carbon Show Pod - From September 29 until October 20

School competition prize giving - October 2

Walk to School Day - October 8

Car Free Fridays - October 8 onwards

Make It Wild Nature Reserve Walk - October 9

A Wildlife Road Trip - October 17

Horticap Open Days - October 23 and 24

Epic Steps Sustainability Conference for Children - November 30

For more details about the Climate Action Festival, visit: www.hdccc.info/climate-action-festival