YORK punk rocker Stevie Ze Suicide has given more intriguing glimpses of his brushes with rock and pop legends in a new book – and slammed TV talent shows such as The Voice.

Stevie, who was a drummer with the punk band UK Subs, has written his third book, called Candycane Alley.

He tells how he played for a while with the Bay City Rollers before becoming a punk.

“Basically, I was a huge fan and believe them to be a major inspiration towards the development of my mighty, and much loved, punk rock,” he writes.

He recalls how, during a time when he worked at pop video maker MGMM as ‘general tea boy and dogsbody,’ he was privileged to have met ‘one of the very best, most sincere and gentle people I could possibly wish for… George Michael – who was filming a cameo role in one of Elton John’s videos.’

He writes: “I was immediately taken by his kindness and loving, caring nature. We chatted for ages, even sharing a bottle of wine together, during a break from filming. He was pure genius and love.”

Stevie makes clear his contempt for TV shows such as the X-Factor and The Voice.

He writes: “Music is not, and should never be, an agonising competition of terror and fear. Nor is it an excuse to antagonise, frighten and humiliate young people who may have the ability to become great artists one day.

“Now other panel shows such as The Voice have followed suit, creating a ridiculous scenario.

“As I have said before, if it was down to these panels, we would never have had the likes of Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, Mama Cass, Janis Joplin, Morrissey, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Rotten Lydon, nor anyone for that matter who has possessed one ounce of original expression.”