WE ran an old photo of Cox's in Shambles and asked readers to share what old shops of York they miss.

We had an incredible reply - everything from small book stores to large department stores, model shops and fashion boutiques.

Ratners, Coney Street; Borders, Davygate; Sarah Coggles, Petergate; Selkie, Petergate; Stubbs, Fossgate, and Eperon, Barbican Road, were just some of the many, many names recalled by readers.

Our picture gallery shares just 10 of the much-loved York shops long gone.

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Meanwhile, here are some of the 'lost' shops of York that Press readers remembers fondly...

Joanne Nicholson only had one shop in mind: "Woolworths!"

Diana Bartram posted: "How about Lynn Marshall’s ladies fashion shop? Anyone remember that and Timothy Whites and Taylor - another large chemist! Oh and Modelias on the corner of Parliament Street/Piccadilly?"

Paul Eurich joined in with: "I miss Burdekin's the stationery and art shop on Parliament Street and Storey's chaotic bookshop at Micklegate Bar."

Paul also asked: "Anyone remember Micklegate Model Shop on the corner of Micklegate and St Martin's Lane, early 1960s?"

Isabel Baker said: "Hunter & Smallpage - I remember having a cake with my mum in the cafe there. I think! This might have been late 70s."

Stephen Oxlade posted: "First shop round the corner from King's Square, used to sell model aircraft building kits, which I built to their plans from balsa wood, and flew trials on Malton Road stray, using rubber power, filched from golf balls found on the nearby golf course."

Heather Green listed a few she missed: "I still have a matching suede skirt and fringed waistcoat I bought from Cox’s in the 60s. Leak and Thorp, another department store gone, as well as Marshall & Snelgrove and Rowntree's. The Rope Shop, Cussins and Lights, Mawsons Pet Shop all in Walmgate."

Sandie Tanner-Smith said: "Godfrey’s Bookshop and Hannons Fruitshop on Stonegate."

Nick Jones added: "I also remember the small bookshop in Mary Row on Goodrumgate."

Isabel Baker: "I remember Sarah Coggles on Petergate - their clothes sales were great! Also Alpha Nova near the Minster and the late night shopping on a Thursday night when that started before Christmas - so exciting!"

Which ones do you miss? Tell us in our Facebook group, Why We Love York - Memories. Click here to post your memories, or visit: www.facebook.com/groups/yorknostalgia/