A NORTH Yorkshire bistro is launching an art exhibition space.

Fashion House Bistro Harrogate is lending its walls to Lisa Izquierdo, an international painter who is showcasing her work at the Swan Road venue from Monday, September 20.

Lisa, who is self-taught and has more than 11,000 Instagram followers, is a friend of bistro owner David Dresser, who is a fashion photographer.

“It has always been my intention to give over Mondays, when we are closed, as a day when artists, photographers and those from the creative sector, can host events within FHB, then display their works on our walls,” he said.

“Since we opened more than a year ago, it has been my fashion photographs that have been on display. From Monday, they will be replaced by a selection of Lisa’s work, which will also be for sale.”

The event starts at 5.30pm and is open to the public, with a reception drink and nibbles.

Manchester-born Lisa’s creative strengths emerged at an early age, strongly underpinned by natural forces, the human form and, above all by the powerful energy released by human relationships.

Lisa, who is self-taught and has more than 11,000 Instagram followers, describes her art as “highly textured which really relays the inner movements, light and energy I try to bring forth using metallic and pearlescent tones”.

She said: “I am inspired a lot by nature and the hidden energies of the elements. From more neutral autumnal tones to my more bright recent colour palettes brings forth my visions.

“My figurative work is more abstract and again brings the essence of the forms rather than details.”

For details visit www.fashionhousebistro.com