A YORK restaurant owner has decided to sell her newest business venture for both "economic" and personal reasons.

Anna Witczak opened Bull & Co on Walmgate in July 2020, specialing in steaks and burgers - what she sees as "good quality fast food".

Bull & Co was the next chapter for the old premises of Barbakan, which Anna relaunched as the Blue Barbakan in Fossgate in January last year.

Anna thanked loyal customers who had supported her venture - describing it as her "baby".

The closure means Anna can focus more on the Blue Barbakan - popular with locals, tourists and even YouTubers.

She said the restaurant - inspired by the former award-winning Blue Bicycle which closed after serious flooding in 2015 - had been "absolutely busy" since reopening.

It is not yet known who the buyer of Bull & Co could be - but Anna said she is "in the middle" of the selling process.

York Press:  Anna Witczak pictured outside Bull & Co in 2020. Anna Witczak pictured outside Bull & Co in 2020.

Speaking to The Press, Anna said: "I'm in the middle of the process selling the business. 

"It was a massive support during the lockdown. It's phenomenal, all my regulars always coming and supporting me all the time.

"It was my baby."

Explaining the reasons behind the decision, Anna said: "It was absolutely busy in Blue Barbakan.

"I couldn't cope anymore and be there and be here as well.

"I just decided to do it for myself to sell the business."

She added: "It's economic."

York Press: One of the burgers on Bull & Co's menu.One of the burgers on Bull & Co's menu.