I think the work that York boxing legend Henry Wharton and his team of trainers are doing at Henry’s Gym in Acomb is absolutely fantastic.

The number people who use this place is huge and growing all the time and as well as the great success story with young highly talented boxers Henry has also brought things like nights for people who maybe aren’t as fit as they would like to help them lose weight and gain confidence and personal esteem.

Learning the art of the pugilist is not just about learning to fight and defend yourself but also about respect - respect for yourself and for others.

I think in this day and age, where there is so much hate and discrimination, that what Henry and his team are doing is invaluable. I think there could well be a few future boxing champions coming from York and if they can emulate the great record of our own British, European and Commonwealth Super Middleweight Champion then York could again be making the headlines with some terrific boxers.

Keep up the great work Henry, Ron and everyone else involved. You are doing yourselves and the City of York great credit.

Sean Atkinson, Gillygate, York