I see that the various temporary huts and the like are going up apace in Parliament Street ahead of the annual food festival.

I wonder how much more rubbish and discarded waste will also arrive as a result.

I can’t believe how much discarded rubbish - usually fast food junk - selfish people are happy to dump into the streets, paths and flowerbeds of York.

Since lockdown has eased the many paths and doorways in the city look disgusting. Many are heavily stained with either dumped alcohol or human waste. And please don’t dream of venturing up the so called snickleways - I personally haven’t seen anything like it with waste of every kind. Have people got no sense of personal responsibility or restraint?

Finally, I feed the various wildlife on the sand bank next to Ouse Bridge and the steps leading down there have been covered with masses of broken glass and trash of all sorts, which I reported some time ago to the council.

I was told this would be passed on to the cleaning department. Not a thing was done and as a result it is in a much worse condition today.

I am ashamed that York looks like it does and would ask that people just think of the affect their behaviour has on so many people, locals and tourists alike.

Sean Atkinson, Gillygate, York