THE Scarecrow Trail in Poppleton had ‘eco-moving sculptures’ on display this year, created by art students living with Parkinson’s disease.

The students created a scarecrows exhibit, entitled ‘Parkinson’s Dance’, for the trail entirely out of waste materials in a class taught by local art teacher Issy Sanderson.

Speaking about her class Issy said: “I am so proud of my art class members they all cope valiantly with the challenges of living with Parkinson’s.

“We hope that this exhibit has highlighted the therapeutic benefits of dance, art and, craft activities provided by the charity Parkinson’s UK for people in the York area.”

Issy’s grandson, Inigo, 17, led a team of young people to set up the exhibit and organised a reception on Saturday, September 11 for the Lord Mayor of York, while her other grandson Euan, 18, constructed a turntable so the eco scarecrows could ‘dance’ as part of the exhibition.

Arthur Sanderson, Issy’s husband and member of the art class, said: “We all enjoy coming together to do something creative, sociable, and positive”.

The Poppleton Scarecrow Trail was organised by Poppleton Community Centre and started in the village at the weekend of Saturday, September 11- Sunday, September 12.