PROPOSALS to ban blue badge parking in York are a travesty and bring the transport executive and Cllr Andy D’Agorne’s fixation into disrepute.

The longest letter I have ever seen published in The Press (September, 8) signed by organisations and individuals reflects the incredulity and disbelief at the council.

Can we start again? Councillors are elected by the people for the people and not the other way round. It is the civic duty of City of York Council to facilitate all those who are seriously disabled to be afforded access into the city and enjoy its streets and shops that healthy people take for granted. They pay rates and this is blatant discrimination.

Recently I visited a relative in Eastbourne - a blue badge holder. She cannot drive now; she cannot walk more than a few paces and is confined to her flat for the greater part of her life. When my wife and I arrived and were able to drive her round the town and area, parking on double yellow lines, it lifted her spirits and she had a brief touch of normality which was priceless.

Maybe a High Court ruling would resolve this shameful situation.

Keith Massey