WITH reference to Elizabeth Addison's letter in The Press (Wednesday, September 8), can any one in authority tell me when, if ever, a cyclist has been fined for breaking the law?

Such as riding on pavements, riding in pedestrian only zones, riding the wrong direction in one way streets, using a mobile phone while riding and riding with no hands on handlebars.

I recently had an incident when I nearly collided with a mature female cyclist who rode through a red light and crossed in front of me when I had the right of way, not only that she also rode past a police vehicle who took no action at all, if I had collided with her no doubt I would have been charged with driving without due care and attention and any damage done to my car would have had to be repaired through my insurance as cyclists are not insured.

If I was not too old I would probably take up cycling again as they seem to get away with anything short of murder.

AP Cox,

Heath Close,