YORK Park & Ride used to be a second-to-none service.

However over the last three to four years it has slowly gone down hill.

The facts are that it is expensive, unreliable, with no staff onsite anymore, and no customer service/tourist information available.

When coming into the city, especially with children, toilets are a necessity however the toilets at Rawcliffe Bar have been closed for weeks due to vandalism.

This does not make me want to leave my car there knowing I will be gone for a few hours.

The council is eager to reduce cars and want to be carbon neutral.

This surely relies on good public transport.

The council need to address this quickly.

More needs to be done by reducing fares and having clean, tidy sites and clean, reliable buses as well as security/staff on site.

The council want tourists in the city but if this was the first experience I had of York I would go home.

Dawne Wright,