Jason Vincent Longhurst had a "catastrophic" effect upon the teenager he strangled and raped, said Recorder Mariga Mostafa.

He had given her "terrible, terrible injuries" and had a "severe psychological impact".

The judge was speaking after hearing the victim's personal statement read to York Crown Court.

In it, the victim, now a woman, said Longhurst's actions had destroyed her chances of a "happy life, a good job and a happy relationship".

"I cannot put into words how much this has ruined my life," she said.

He had taken her innocence and left her feeling that her body was no longer hers.

The emotional and psychological effects had prevented her getting a good job.

At times she had suffered from such severe depression, she had been suicidal.

She also suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome.

She had been unable to tell her doctor for some time, so had had to cope with the mental effects without help or medication until she felt able to tell him.

The court heard how when Longhurst strangled her, he had left her with injuries to her eyes that were visible when she was standing at a bus stop.

She had gone to York Hospital a couple of days after the rape and doctors there made detailed notes about her injured eyes and neck. A medical expert told the jury through a statement they were the kind of injuries people suffer when they was strangled.

The victim was in court to hear the verdicts and to hear the nine-year sentence passed on Longhurst.

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