One of rapist Jason Vincent Longhurst's efforts to evade justice took him to Wales.

The 44-year-old's non-appearance on Monday was the second time in three weeks he had skipped bail.

On August 16, Longhurst was due to appear before York Magistrates Court charged with driving whilst disqualified and other driving offences.

When he didn't attend, a warrant was signed for his arrest. It was executed in Wales.

On September 1, he appeared before Cardiff Magistrates Court.

The court granted him bail, on condition that he report to Fulford Road Police Station on each of the four days before his trial and curfewed him to his address at Lindsey Avenue between 9pm and 6am every day.

But when North Yorkshire Police went round to his home during Monday and on Monday night, no-one answered the door.

They also contacted Cardiff police to find out if he had gone back to Wales.

The Welsh police said they didn't know of his current whereabouts.

Now Longhurst is wanted on a crown court warrant.

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When he is arrested, he won't be taken straight to jail to serve his nine-year sentence for attempted strangulation with intent and rape.

He will first have to appear before a crown court judge, to answer a charge of failure to attend York Crown Court.

Only after the judge deals with him for that offence - and decides how much to add to his sentence - will he finally be put behind bars.