TWO York entrepreneurs have created an online food delivery app set to rival industry giants like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eats.

Haider Ali and Irsalen Ghaffar, both 26, are set to launch York Eats in a bid to empower the city's takeaways and restaurants by charging low fees and keep money flowing in the local economy.

Some of the biggest and most popular food delivery apps charge businesses a commission fee between 14 per cent and 35 per cent per order.

The pair hope to offer some of the lowest fees in the market after successfully haggling for an exclusive deal with their software company.

Haider claims York Eats will end up "literally halving their [businesses] weekly commission payments" while allowing small, independent businesses, who cannot afford high commission fees, to sign up to the platform.

York Eats will launch on the Google Play and iPhone app store September 22, Haider revealed exclusively to The Press.

In just two months, they have signed up 35 businesses to their new platform.

It will also have an online service via their website,

Explaining the inspiration behind York Eats, Haider said: "Initially we had friends that had takeaways and restaurants and we were speaking to them about the business and they were often complaining about businesses taking excessive fees. When they were telling us some of the figures like 30 per cent, 40 per cent, we were just shocked.

"We looked into technology where this was available a lot cheaper.

"Especially with Covid we thought, why don't we try and start our own business to try and help the community?

"We want to be in a space where we can take on drivers. We want to have our own courier service.

"We'll be reinvesting back into the local community and providing jobs."

The entrepreneurs plan to reinvest 50 per cent of its profits back into marketing local businesses and achieve a goal of connecting York food banks and homeless charities to restaurants and takeaways with leftovers. It will also run competitions.

Haider added: "We are exclusive to York, we will partner with two local charities for regular donations for a six month period, every six months. These are yet to be partnered with but we would love to hear who the people of York would like us to work with!"

Businesses looking to find out information about the platform can email