I have read in the media that some cities in the UK and EU are experimenting with abolishing traffic lights and instead clearly signing that drivers should approach junctions with great care and alternate with other vehicles through the junction.

Surely the situation at Gillygate/Bootham (York’s Gillygate to shut for two weeks to replace faulty cables, The Press, August 26) is an opportunity to close down the lights temporarily and join in the experiment?

I have on three occasions over many years (twice in peak traffic and once out of it) approached these lights and found them out due to a fault. Surprisingly the road was unusually free of traffic.

Councillor D`Agorne seems very happy to experiment so I would expect him to grasp the opportunity with both hands.

K.Powdrell, Springfield Court, York

Who’d bet on outcome of York traffic consultation?

Can anyone genuinely believe that the result of the traffic consultation organised by Andy D’Agorne will produce a result other than that he wants?

Marilyn Jones, Common Road, Dunnington, York