A DRIVER who blew almost four times the drink drive limit is among more than 40 suspected drink and drug drivers arrested in just a week.

A 41-year-old man was arrested in the York area. He provided a reading of 134, nearly 4 times the legal drink drive limit. He will appear at the city’s magistrates’ court in the coming weeks.

A total of 42 drivers have been arrested during a week-long North Yorkshire Police campaign to highlight drink and drug driving offences and catch culprits.

The campaign began last Monday (23 August) and has used education and enforcement in a bid to tackle the issue across the county.

Traffic Constable Richard Harrison, who led the campaign, said the arrests – which average six per day – were a “surprisingly high number”.

“However these results are bitter sweet,” he said.

“While they show the people of North Yorkshire that we continue to deal with offenders robustly in our fight to make our roads safer, the numbers also show that a high number of drivers still think it is acceptable to get behind the wheel while under the influence of either drink or drugs.”

A number of motorists arrested during the campaign tested positive for both drink and drugs, including cocaine and cannabis.

The penalty for both offences is similar – a criminal record, automatic driving ban and a large fine on conviction. When drivers are allowed back on the roads, their insurance costs are likely to increase considerably.

TC Harrison added that officers are out on patrol 24/7 looking for the tell-tale signs of drivers who are under the influence.

They also use information provided by the public to catch offenders, which could prevent collisions and save lives.

“Although the campaign has ended, we’d encourage the public to contact us if they have any information about somebody who they suspect is drink or drug driving,” he said.

Anyone with information about someone who drives after drinking or taking drugs is urged to call 101 today. If it’s happening now, dial 999.