“Fine words butter no parsnips”. Empty rhetoric from Councillor Smalley (The Press, August 25) does little to produce much needed accommodation for Afghan refugees.

When the Kosovan refugees arrived in York in 1999 the council in partnership with Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust made initial homes available at Howe Hill hostel in Acomb and in New Earswick.

A member of the housing staff met the arrivals off the plane at Leeds/Bradford and came with them in a coach to their destinations.

The Press carried on its front page a welcome written in Albanian.

Perhaps Cllr Smalley might consider the reuse of Oakhaven Residential Home in Acomb, which has remained empty for over five years as a more positive response.

Housing the Afghans together in one location would have significant benefits not least in terms of language and dietary requirements together with some kinship in a foreign country.

Bob Towner, Hobgate,York