A MEMBER of the 1960 Olympic GB rowing training group, who lives in a York town, is advising people recovering from Covid to get more active gradually.

While training to prepare for the Tokyo games, Jon Whitmore was injured and had to steadily build back his strength and stamina.

This year, after enduring lockdown, he caught Covid-19 which meant applying the same principles to rebuilding his fitness.

He started gently, stretching daily and building more activity into his routine at home in Haxby, as recommended by City of York Council’s #WhatsMyNextStep campaign.

Now, the 83-year-old is back on his exercise bike and his daily four kilometre walks, but at a gentler pace until he’s back to his usual level of fitness.

After recovering from his Olympic injury, Jon competed in veteran world championships for 20 more years and is a member of York City Rowing Club.

He says he's always taken being active seriously and tracks everything he does.

He said: “You’ve got to listen to your body: do what’s doable and build up your activity bit by bit.

“Keep your eye on what you can do: the worst thing is to overdo things and get fatigued or injured - that can seriously put you off.

“Everyone’s experience of building back their fitness will be different, but it shouldn’t be difficult: try walking, cycling or swimming more and make that extra, low-impact activity a habit – then it becomes even easier.

“Being active is about looking after your health and a better quality of life.”

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