Councillor Andy d’Agorne’s response to Rose Drew about Blue Badge parking (‘I am 100 per cent barred from town’, The Press, August 20) was a travesty.

He used precisely 43 of his 540 words to address her issues and failed to say anything useful. The rest was just waffle about pavement cafes etc.

My late wife Jenny, who died in 1989, could only walk short distances before needing to rest. She was on kidney dialysis and had low haemoglobin. Her Blue Badge was one of her lifelines to normality. It meant she could visit central York alone. If parked in Blake Street, she might get as far as present-day Waterstones on a good day. Not far is it?

Use a wheelchair from a distant car park? No, and a thousand times no; not until there is no alternative. Being able to be as normal as possible is essential for people like Jenny, as Rose Drew will know.

It is a hallmark of a civilised society that collectively we care for those who are disadvantaged. That includes providing sufficient parking places for Blue Badge holders. Just restore what has been removed and stop trying to defend the indefensible.

Quentin Macdonald, Church Lane, Nether Poppleton