Hundreds of anti-vaccine protestors have stormed the ITN studios in central London.

The studios are home to ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 news programmes. 

More than 100 protesters have gathered at the offices on Grays Inn Road, while more than 20 police officers have cordoned off the entrances to the building.

Multiple police vehicles are on standby and helping to stop the protesters disrupting the traffic.

Channel 4 news presenter Jon Snow was spotted outside the building as protestors gathered.

Videos and pictures from the scene were shared on social media showing police in high-vis jackets and masks as protestors forced themselves through a set of revolving doors.

Footage shows a man speaking through a megaphone as fellow protesters cheer.

Some protesters were reportedly shouting for ITV political editor Robert Preston.

A man is reported to have shouted: Some at the scene say one of those at the demo shouted: "Where's Peston?

"Get me Peston."

A live stream from the scene has been shared on social media by a group called @StandUpX2.

The video is captioned: “Refusing to leave ITV London until we get answers.”

It comes weeks after protesters clashed with police on Monday as they attempted to storm the old BBC headquarters where ITV’s Loose Women was being recorded.

The crowd were reported to be anti-vaccination protesters and footage on social media showed police battling to keep the crowd from gaining access to the building in White City, west London.