THE Government has proved that it can recall Parliament when it is necessary – for Brexit and for Afghanistan.

Why then does it remain reluctant to reconvene to discuss a growing issue on its own doorstep – the staffing crisis in social care that is leaving millions without the care they need?

We need the Government to set up an emergency task force of volunteers before winter pushes us towards a tipping point.

The NHS, already at full stretch, will suffer further if the crisis in social care is not addressed as they rely upon each other.

We need action now.

Mike Padgham,

Chair, Independent Care Group,

Priory Street,


"Time for Government to ban Hamas in the UK"

THIS year we have witnessed more bloodshed in the Middle East.

The Iranian backed terror group Hamas fired more than 4,000 rockets into Israel, the latest action in a long series of terror activities.

Since taking over Gaza in 2006 the terror organisation has been responsible for four major conflicts and around 6,000 civilian deaths.

Yet it is only partially banned in the UK, and it is free to generate funds to promote its genocidal agenda against Israel.

It is unacceptable that Hamas can operate in the UK when it promotes violence and terror and ruthlessly oppresses the civilian population in Gaza.

The entry point to peace talks for former terrorists in Northern Ireland was the adoption of exclusively non-violent means to end the conflict.

It’s time for our government to apply the same standard to Hamas.

Cutting off their activities in the UK can be the start of freeing ordinary Gazan’s from repression.

Your readers can join the campaign to #BanHamas at

Name and address withheld

Location suggestion for homeless street kitchen

THE homeless charity Hoping Street Kitchen is looking for a new home because of city centre traffic restrictions (The Press, August 20 ). There is plenty of empty space outside City of York Council headquarters at Station Rise. Councillors surely will want to help out.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,


Empty trains? Why not make train tickets cheaper?

ANOTHER example of bureaucratic thinking, many rail services are running empty so their solution is to increase the price of fares. These people are supposed to be oversubscribed with brain power, any sensible businessman would think we will reduce the price to encourage passengers to use the system.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,