John Taylor writes to The Press with his radical idea to have all new developments built without parking spaces (Ban parking spaces for all new builds in York, Letters, August 16).

Note firstly where Mr Taylor lives - York suburbia, where houses have parking and available space even for garages! Nimbyism is at play here, with a touch of ‘I’m alright Jack’.

Whatever happened to a person’s right to independence? To many, owning a vehicle is a necessity not a luxury. No mention of that in Mr Taylor’s radical ideas. If we want to cut carbon emissions why not go for the non manufacturing of plastic garments (clothing) and all the plastic tat in the shops for Halloween and Christmas and the importing of the same from the Far East.

Shipping pollutes more than vehicles. In fact if all shipping were classified as a country, it would be the seventh most polluting country in the world.

We are all guilty of supporting the plastics industries - including I suspect Mr Taylor. Choosing to victimise a few with his radical ideas is hypocritical.

John Aked, Skelton, York