In 2014 my wife and I visited Lake Garda. We noticed that every junction around the lake was controlled by traffic lights which slowed our coach enormously.

In 2016 there was a power failure which meant that the lights were out for three days. The police noticed that the traffic flowed more freely and having informed the local authorities it was agreed by both parties to remove all the lights and replace them with mini roundabouts and pedestrian crossings.

We noticed this on our return in 2019. We also became aware on a visit to Verona that the same deduction had been made and works were ongoing to remove all the lights there too. Further research showed that the air quality in both locations had improved by 70 per cent.

If Christian Vassie is so concerned about the air quality in York then I would suggest he takes a leaf out of the Italian authorities’ book. It’s been seen that when the lights fail the traffic does move more freely.

Also, stop closing off streets and allow traffic to flow instead of funnelling it down fewer streets - The Groves area is a prime example, causing all traffic to use Lord Mayors Walk. I dread to think of the air quality in that area!

Edward Carter, Marston Crescent, Acomb