A YORK resident who is new to the city has told how she turned to Google to double check a faulty road sign.

Penny, who moved to York in May, was walking towards the York St John's University area when she came across this road sign - directing traffic towards the inner ring road, 'Thrisk', Harrogate and Scarborough.

After noticing the spelling, Penny began to question everything she knew about the town.

York Press:

Penny said: "It's amazing. I'll tell you honestly what I did - I Googled it thinking 'God forbid I embarrass myself and there's not a place called Thirsk'.

"I just sent it to my friend who lives in Harrogate and she laughed her head off. She said, 'You have to send that to The Press' just to give everyone a laugh.

"I chuckled to myself at the roadside. It made my day to be honest."