A NEW show, which will look into an unsolved Sherlock Holmes case, is set to embark on a tour of Yorkshire venues later this year.

Before slipping into well-earned retirement, Sherlock Holmes has prevailed upon his long-time companion Dr Watson, his landlady Mrs Hudson and Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard to join him in a farewell tour.

For the first time ever,the new show, put together by Stuart Fortey and Pyramus and Thisbe Productions, will re-enact one of the detective unrecorded cases – 'The Case of the Prime Minister, the Floozie and the Lummock Rock Lighthouse' – an affair upon whose outcome the security of Europe once hung by a thread. Shrouded in secrecy until now, this case has finally been approved by the Government.

The shows, directed by David Robertson, will feature Julian Finnegan as Holmes and Dominic Goodwin as Watson.

Mr Goodwin said: "It's a mad bonkers comedy which has toured from 2009 to 2017. But, Wetherby Festival asked me, earlier in the year to bring it back as the need to have a dam good laugh has never been greater.

"It's been touch and go as to whether the tour would go ahead but I'm very pleased to say it is and interest is high."

The tour will visit North Yorkshire venues such as Helmsley Arts Centre, Wrelton Village Hall and Kirkbymoorside Methodist Church in September.

A full list of tour dates can be found on the production company website.

The show has previously won two gold medals at Henley Fringe Festival 2013.