MEMBERS of some of the biggest indie bands of the 90s have taken part in a landmark virtual quiz to be hosted by York-based pub quiz experts.

The event, hosted by York Shed Seven drummer Alan Leach, was the 500th since the start of the first lockdown - raising £3,000 for good causes in the process.

Amongst the well-known faces who took part were Happy Mondays legend Bez and radio presenter, DJ and Inspiral Carpets keyboardist, Clint Boon.

They were joined by regular team captains, Shed Seven frontman Rick Witter and singer-songwriter Mark Morriss, best known for fronting indie rock band The Bluetones.

The quiz, gave fans from across the country the opportunity to take on the Britpop stars, with almost 100 teams from across the UK taking part.

Alan co-founded York-based quiz tech company SpeedQuizzing and the money raised has gone to a range of good causes including St Leonard’s Hospice.

His regular music-themed virtual quizzes have featured a host of well-known singers and musicians over the last 16 months, including Rowetta from the Happy Mondays, guitarist Dave Rotheray from the Beautiful South and Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey.

Alan said: “Although at times it has felt like a full-time job with all the preparation, it’s been really enjoyable bringing people together for some much-needed fun and human interaction.

“I think I’d have gone insane some days if I didn’t know I was going to get to have a laugh with all those people come the evening.

“It’s been an added bonus to have some of my music pals get involved along the way and this last quiz was a great way to end it, with both Bez and Clint on brilliant form, alongside regular team captains Rick and Mark.

“I still plan on running three virtual quizzes every month, which people can access through my Patreon page, but for now I’m looking forward to taking quizzing back to its true home, the pub.”