THE much publicised recent UN report baldly states that climate change is our fault – we are burning too much fossil fuel.

With this incontrovertible fact in mind (pace your indefatigable correspondent Mr Laverack!) here is a suggestion for the planners at York City Council.

I’ve noticed that whenever new developments are announced in the centre of town, much publicity is accorded to the fact that these new developments are provided with parking spaces for future residents’ vehicles, thereby of course encouraging even more cars on to our already overcrowded, narrow and polluted streets.

So, why not completely overturn this policy of providing off-road parking for new developments by simply BANNING such provision when plans are submitted for approval?

The result of this would be that future residents would have to walk, cycle, use public transport, or, in extremis hire a taxi to access and leave their newly acquired properties.

This would lead to a considerable decrease in fossil fuel consumption.

John Taylor,

Lycett Road,


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