Who’d be an MP? Certainly not me!

I AGREE with the sentiment about MPs responding to communications from their constituents which has been expressed by various correspondents.

Where I live doesn’t fall within Rachael Maskell’s jurisdiction; not that I’ve ever contacted Julian Sturdy, to be fair.

Ms Maskell seems to get a consistently positive press... no pressure then, Rachael!

I found her predecessor, Hugh Bayley, pretty good with regard to responding to letters when I lived in that constituency and similarly, the corresponding councillors such as Dave Merrett.

As to whether MPs in general are overworked, I recommend a recently published book by the frank and direct Midlands MP and activist Jess Phillips, Everything you really need to know about politics; my life as an MP.

It may not be everything you need to know, but it paints a vivid picture of what a genuine, motivated, involved and dedicated MP does and the range and variety of their workload, even allowing for the help and facilities provided.

It also throws light on what being a woman MP with a family entails. An eye-opener. Not a role for the faint-hearted.

On a local level, residents are blessed where I live now by a trio of hard-working and responsive local councillors.

Who’d be an MP? Certainly not me. Not ever!

Derek Reed,

Middlethorpe Drive


Mankind still has that choice of survival

THE Press of Monday August 9 gave me the shudders! I try to avoid politics, religion, pets, but hey - feet first in!

The headlines (page 8) were that in Afghanistan the Taliban offensive continues. A hundred odd year war that never seems to resolve itself. Also on this day, the Muslim New Year starts. This New Year must be sad for those who require and pray for peace.

There is also the worrying topic regarding climate change and the urgent requirement of world leaders working together. Narrow minded politics that create never-ending wars must be the back burner, yet it is obvious that this is not so.

Imagine being in a leaky life boat. Captain, crew mates, passengers, all arguing who should bale out. The boat sinks because no one realised how serious this moment was. Frankly it is. Earth will survive - mankind will obviously not.

We have been gifted to see Earth from space. It is a delicate fragile blue and green. Mankind still has that choice of survival.

Phil Shepherdson,



Iggy would give me nightmares

Looking through Monday's Press and turning on to the showbiz page there was a photo of a "star" called Iggy Pop, a photo which is part of a 2022 calendar.

If I had this photo on my wall for a month I think I would be having nightmares.

Maureen Robinson,



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