IN the latest edition of our look back through the picture archives, here are five darts teams from the past.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these photos?

Pictured above, July 1994, Punch Bowl’s Yorkshire Super League team.

Back, left to right: Stuart Holden, Russ Armstrong, Paul Tattersfield, Chris Thompson, John Pickering. Front: Kevin Brough, John Mooring, John Bugg.


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York Press: BLACK SWAN 1992

BLACK SWAN 1992: Pictured from the back left are Chris Aconley, Gladys Holtby, Linda Smith, Mandy Suggitt and Kerry Aconley.


York Press: MASON ARMS’ 1994

MASON ARMS’ 1994: Back, from left: Russ Armstrong, Brian Newby, Chris Thompson. Front: John Mooring, Barry Moyser.


York Press: SUN INN B 1992

SUN INN B 1992: Pictured from the back left are Pat Cook, Juli Gaines, Betty Grave, Marilyn Shipwright and Rosalind Wishaw.


York Press: UNION HOTEL A 1992

UNION HOTEL A 1992: Minster Trophy winners, pictured from left, Mandy Moore, Sue Downing (captain), league vice president Jane Moore, Paula Staff and Jean Young.

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