Netflix has unveiled a brand-new trailer for the upcoming fourth season of smash hit Stranger Things.

The new trailer ends by saying the new series is coming in 2022, which means fans still have at least four months to wait.

The Netflix original sci-fi drama is set to return to the streaming platform after season three ended in the summer of 2019.

It is the second trailer to be released by the streaming platform ahead of the new season.

In May, the show released a cryptic tweet before releasing the first trailer days later.

Posting on the  official YouTube account HNL Control Room, a video was posted with the caption: "Due to technical difficulties, Hawkins National Laboratory will be closed until further notice. We will be back in service tomorrow at 9:00AM ET."

The new trailer gives a little more away but will still leave fans asking questions.

It recycles the eerie ““Eleven, are you listening?” closeup from the trailer in May.

Unfortunately for fans, the trailer does not reveal a specific release date for the highly anticipated return of the show, but it does reveal that it will be returning in 2022.

Watch the new trailer here:

The thought of having to wait until the new year has disappointed fans who were hoping the new season was imminent.

One fan tweeted: “Not gonna lie…slightly disappointed thought it was going to be this year. But can’t wait for season 4!”

“Please Release Season 4 of Stranger Things on 1st January 2022 aka New Year’s Day,” added another.

A third said: “Looking forward to it. Although I was hoping it would be released this Autumn.”