A PARTIALLY blind motorcyclist will attempt to prove that loss of sight is no bar to going fast tomorrow morning at a race track near York.

Nigel Limb will ride his Triumph Bonneville motorbike as fast as he can. It has a top speed of 75 mph.

He lost his sight when he crashed two days after Christmas Day, 2015, and was in a coma for several days.

"I'm trying to regain a sense of purpose and to try and inspire other people, ordinary or disabled people," he said.

Nigel, who is an ambassador for the Wilberforce Trust for the Visually Sighted of York, said that it doesn't matter what difficulties life may throw you, you can still set yourself a challenge and achieve it.

"Until I was 50, I lived an ordinary life," he said as he prepared to make the long journey from his home in Sutton-on-Sea, south Lincolnshire, to Melbourne drag race track near Elvington. For 27 years, he had a business as an auto mechanic.

The track is one eighth of a mile long.

He intends to do several runs and hopes that the rain forecast for early tomorrow morning will hold off.

He is coming to Yorkshire for the challenge as the Melbourne track is the nearest operating track to his home.