CASTLE Howard is set to close to the public for three months as film crews descend once again.

The iconic and historic estate has featured in a variety of TV shows and films over the years - from Bridgerton to Brideshead Revisited.

Custodians Nicholas and Victoria Howard revealed Castle Howard has signed a filming contract for a "filming project" with the shoot itself taking place between September 9 and October 9, 2021.

The house will close for the set up and de-rig of the project from August 16 - but the gardens, grounds and adventure playground will remain open for the filming set up and strike period.

The team has urged people to book in before August 16 if they wish to see the house.

Will events like the Proms at Castle Howard still go ahead?

The Proms and concerts will go ahead in August. The house will reopen for Christmas in Narnia from November 13, 2021.

However the Dog Festival will not go ahead.

"Apologies for any disappointment caused," Nicholas and Victoria Howard said.

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Which film or TV show is being filmed at Castle Howard?

The Castle Howard team have signed a non disclosure confidentiality agreement but confirmed it is for a TV project.

Nicholas and Victoria said: "Castle Howard will be closed due to filming. We are not permitted to say anything about this project other than it being a television filming project."

Will the gardens remain open?

The filming itself will take place between September 9 and October 9 and, for this period, the house and gardens will close entirely to the public.

The courtyard outlets and garden centre, as well as the wider estate walks will remain open throughout the summer.

In a statement, Victoria and Nicholas said: "We have confirmed a filming contract that will take place at Castle Howard, which will mean a period of closure of the visitor attraction.

"We hope you will understand that the decision to take on the filming project has not been taken lightly and we have considered options very carefully.

"It is never our preference to close the House, however in this particular year, post pandemic, like many other visitor attractions we have suffered a substantial loss of income.

"Whilst we have been fortunate to receive Cultural Recovery funding for specific projects, we still have an ongoing conservation deficit challenge to address, and the essential income that filming provides goes directly into the restoration of our historic buildings and landscape."