A YOUTUBER has visited York in the latest installment of her 'Americans in the UK' series.

Education and travel vlogger Diamond Gunn moved to the UK after working as a nursery teacher in the US state of Georgia.

The YouTuber documents culture differences and her new life in the UK, inspiring others to follow their dreams of living abroad and exploring new places. 

And the city of York - two hours away from her home by train - left such a mark on her that she is hoping to return to explore more history and attractions.

Visiting York with her partner, Diamond described York as "underrated".

"If I would have known what I know now after this trip, I would have came to York a long time ago.

"York is a really historic town that has so much to offer.

"One of the things we set on when we got there was going to a place called The Shambles, getting something to eat and the food is probably one of the areas in which York is super underrated."

She documented the Cholera Burial Ground, in memory of 185 victims of a plague of cholera between June 3 and October 22, 1832, on her way into the centre.

The YouTuber stopped off at the Polish restaurant, The Blue Barbakan, for breakfast. They chose waffles which reminded them of America.

"The breakfast was delicious," she said.

"It did not disappoint."

The duo then headed down to The Shambles and told viewers how it was "so unique".

Diamond added: "It has so many different eclectic shops and places that had little bites to eat."

She was amazed by the variety of food and treats on offer and the city's love of Harry Potter.

They visited The Shop That Must Not Be Named and the Nutcracker Christmas Shop.

After a spooky tour round The York Dungeon, she gave her verdict by saying she "almost had an anxiety attack".

"Oh my gosh, that thing is so scary," Diamond told viewers.

"It's like a haunted house with history lessons in it.

"That thing was scary- never again."

The final activity of the day was a boat tour along the River Ouse before dinner at Loch Fyne Restaurant & Bar on Walmgate.