A LANDLORD and landlady have finally retired after running a York pub for almost 35 years.

Terry and Maxine Daly, who took over the Old Grey Mare on Clifton Green in 1986, have been amongst York’s longest serving publicans.

Terry says they brought up five children at the pub - Shaun, Luke, Nicola, Natalie and Carl - who all had stints working behind the bar.

He said that over the years, he had overseen the biggest changes in pubs since the First World War, including the Beer Orders of 1989 - which restricted the number of tied pubs that could be owned by large breweries - the smoking ban, all day opening and finally the Covid lockdowns.

Over the years, he and Maxine had introduced changes including takeaway pizzas, Indian food and a kid’s play area.

“It’s all been a great experience and I believe the Clifton community has welcomed me, and I hope I have contributed to making Clifton a nicer place to live,” he said.

“We have made many friends with our locals over the years, who we now consider lifelong friends.

“People who have helped us in particular include Barry Coates, our electrician, Bob Willis, our plumber, and Janet and Barry from Barry Crux and Co. Locals who will never forget include Sue and Steve, Rob and Donna, and not forgetting Judd Archer, who was at the bar the first day I came.

“We have welcomed people who have met each other, married, had children, grown up and died.”

He said the Old Grey Mare had an exciting future under the control of Mark and Kasia Caulfield, who were intending to carry out a major refurbishment.”We wish them every success,” he added.

Agents Barry Crux and Co, which secured the pub’s sale, said: “We wish Terry and Maxine a very long and happy retirement.”