A COLOURFUL mural on a hidden-away York cafe is attracting new customers and boosting the city's reputation as a centre for urban art.

Art of Protest Projects, the group behind the Guardians of York lockdown heroes project, have struck again - this time giving a cafe in a hidden corner of York a vibrant makeover in the form of a geometric painted mural.

The mural - painted by AOP Project’s in-house team, Brenna Allsuch and Natasha Clarke - covers the exterior of No 4 Church Lane Cafe, tucked away down an alleyway just off of Coney Street - and is already bringing in new customers.

Cafe owner Tess Harrison said: “I couldn’t be happier with the delivery of this wonderful mural and the smiles it has brought to my everyday regular customers as well as the new business it’s brought in.

"From the planning stages right through to the execution and final reveal, the team at AOP Projects has made this a really fun experience and it’s turned out to be an emotional journey for me as my shop front has a whole new vibe!”

Jeff Clark, director of AOP Projects, said: “There is a real thirst here for continuing to make the city walls our canvas and to make York an urban art hot spot.

"This is our speciality, we liaise with artists and city planners to deliver world class murals that tell stories, and that involve the community.”

York Press: New mural at No 4 Church Lane Cafe, off Coney StreetNew mural at No 4 Church Lane Cafe, off Coney Street

He said the mural spoke for itself and invited customers to enjoy "a brew and a butty while creating a new sense of identity to the area".

He added: "Having already delivered several murals and art trails across York and the rest of the country - most notably the Guardians of York project which just wrapped up this week - AOP Projects has been working on some exciting things across Yorkshire but definitely places a priority on developing their home base - the city of York.

"The crew is looking to add more urban art in the form of paintings, installations and interactive seating and lighting displays as York continues on its path to upgrading the city streets and creating an edgy and visually appealing vibe for both locals and tourists."

York Press: Guardians of York street art project in York, with Art of Protest Projects director Jeff Clark Photo by David HoganGuardians of York street art project in York, with Art of Protest Projects director Jeff Clark Photo by David Hogan

He said to look out for more projects hitting the streets in the coming months and visit Art of Protest Project’s website to learn more about upcoming events and urban art.

York resident Paul Martin said: “This is just the kind of thing that York has been crying out for - interesting colours, where lines and shapes converge to give a fresh and energetic feel to the building front.”

Art of Protest Projects is a York-based art and media company which delivers numerous large and small scale exhibitions, murals and projects, both nationally and globally.