A FAMILY attraction labelled ‘business on the brink’ during the pandemic is fighting back to survive and secure jobs for more than 80 staff.

The Web Adventure Park, Wigginton Road, York, has ploughed significant funds into creating a new arena which is opening on Saturday, July 24.

The space features a ninja course, mini zoo, dinosaur-themed mini golf, and an events and entertainment space.

There is also a fairground with a Helterskelter, double carousel, rollercoaster, sizzler, pony express, balloons, cups and saucers, Miami, sizzler and formula ride.

York Press:

Owner Janice Dunphy whose struggles through 15 months of semi-permanent closure were featured on BBC’s Panorama said: “We are just about to open a whole new area built to protect us if lockdown closes the inside again.

York Press:

"Instead of ‘business on the brink’, we have become a ‘business on the build’.

“We decided we couldn’t risk another lockdown with our indoor play closed and we needed a big enough area to be open as a standalone park, even with its own outside entrance. Another closure of indoor play would kill us.

Another closure of indoor play would kill us.


“We have taken on another six acres to give us more space and to give the animals the new homes they deserve.

“We have invested over £250k to date, with a projected spend of over £350k and Events by Cynosure, who appeared on the programme with us, are bringing over rides valued at over £750k with an investment of over £350k.

York Press:

“With events also hit horrendously last year it’s an investment they hope will enable them to weather any storms ahead.

“During the past year I have also formed a new Association of Indoor Play - and as a director and chair of the AIP with now over 270 operator and trade members, this booming association is fighting to save the sector.

“It’s been a busy 16 months but one that will hopefully reap rewards with the park, and secure jobs for over 80 people. Staying the same was never an option and we felt we had to fight for survival.”