STUDENTS at this York school were lucky enough to celebrate the end of term in style.

While all but one other city state secondary school has had to cancel their prom this year, York High School in Acomb were able to enjoy a party at Fairfield Manor in Skelton last night (July 20).

Head of School, Rod Sims, said: "After suffering more than any other year group Year 11 from York High were able to celebrate the end of school at their prom, with over 100 students attending. Despite the difficulties we waited until the national guidance allowed us to hold the prom.

"After missing out on so much over the last two years they looked and behaved fantastically.

"They were so polite that one of the other residents approached me and said "You must be from an exclusive fee paying school?"

"The year group have shown such resilience in coping with disruption during the pandemic that it was only right that the sun shone so brightly for them."

As The Press reported last month almost all secondary schools in the city cancelled their end-of-year parties following the Government's decision to delay the easing of restrictions and concerns about increasing transmission rates of the Covid-19 virus, with Huntington School being the only other school to hold their prom.

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