Judith Morris (Letters, July 14) does not believe that Brexit is a major factor in our bins not being emptied. Yet she makes no attempt to explain why. Instead, she deflects with a jibe about only EU nationals being allowed to be HGV drivers.

In fact, Covid has played a part. The Road Hauliers’ Association has reported driver shortages due to Brexit, but also a big backlog of HGV driver training and tests as a result of the pandemic. Mrs Morris suggests that prospective drivers are being lured away by better-paid jobs as couriers or supermarket delivery drivers, but she provides no evidence that this is a significant problem.

Perhaps if the government had kept its promise to maintain fair funding to local councils, they could afford to pay drivers more without passing costs on to local taxpayers. In the same way, the broken promises of Brexit will be paid for by ordinary people.

Mrs Morris wants to know when remainers will move on and learn to live with Brexit. The answer is simple: when it delivers what it was supposed to. She may be waiting a long time.

Richard Brown, Horseman Avenue, Copmanthorpe