A WOMAN from York has recently launched a fitness and wellbeing firm from her home - after overcoming health struggles of her own.

Lindsey Richardson, who lives in the Dringhouses area, has recently set up her new business ‘Avocado Living’.

Before starting the firm, Lindsey, a qualified advanced person trainer and nutrition advisor, ran her own personal training company. However, due to an undiagnosed hereditary heart condition and many years of monitoring, tests and treatments, Lindsey had to close her business as she had a dual chambered pacemaker implanted at the age of 42.

“My pacemaker transformed my life instantly, I retrained in nutrition, left my part time job and was raring to go”, Lindsey added.

Throughout the lockdowns over the last year - Lindsey has also had four trips to hospital after suffering Neurological Dysfunctional symptoms - which has symptoms linked to a stroke but has left her with no permanent damage.

Lindsey said: “Lockdown has tested my mental health massively and taken me to an all-time low in the past year.

“My journey so far fills me with passions to make people feel good about themselves, face challenges, grow from them and become stronger.”

Lindsey said she wants to educate the people of York on health and fitness and help them to make changes in their lives.

Lindsey said: “I adore the work I do and love to see people achieving and smashing goals.

“I’d love to reach out to those people of York who have struggled through any time in life - and get like-minded people together to exercise, have fun, enjoy healthy food, and become part of my ‘Avocado Family’.”

Through her new firm, Lindsey offers outdoor activity to large groups, small group exercise in her private gym, one-to-one personal training and she also runs a healthy food take away from her home.

Lindsey is also using York Emporium - who have supplied her with a commercial barista machine and coffee that is a pre and post-performance bean.

“I will be the first place in York to serve this unique coffee”, Lindsey added.